Our story begins in 1970 in Asigliano Vercellese, a little village of the so called “bassa vercellese” largely known for its traditional and centuries old “corsa dei buoi”.

Daniele Godino started his activity when he was only fifteen, working with his mother Bruna and his father Giovanni who was a master baker. The little artisan shop was basically a bakery and a pastry shop.

Daniele had a great passion for any kind of dough and soon started to attend several specialized courses to learn the art of the pastry making. As time went by, he improved what he had learnt thanks to his passion and the advice and secrets of the most expert pastry makers he met.

In 2001 Daniele moved to the town of Vercelli and started a new activity there going into business with Giacomo Degrandi and giving the shop a completely different shape. Their activity was immediately successful; on the one hand Daniele and Giacomo decided to give more importance to pastry making while on the other hand, thanks to their own qualities, their professional abilities, their aptitudes and the peculiar skills (Daniele is a pastry maker while Giacomo is a chef), they turned successfully into the world of catering and banqueting for any occasions.

In order to satisfy completely all the different requests of their customers and to be as competitive as possible, the two partners realized a new and larger kitchen near the pastry laboratory and recruited new staff, young but qualified, expert and dynamic. They also bought new specialized equipment such as refrigerating vans and movable kitchens to render the most suitable service even “in loco” if necessary.

This has been the business philosophy since 1970. As the clients requests are always in progress, Daniele and Giacomo do everyday their best to satisfy them always using their professional competence together with their experience and the highest quality of service.